About MetaHi

MetaHi is a marketplace of 3D NFTs for the metaverse, allowing everyone to transfer Metaverse-ready 3D NFT objects to different metaverses and become part of the Web 3.0 space.

MetaHi was created to connect you to this new world of the metaverse. We are building an online marketplace for users to buy / sell / trade 3D collectibles. Bringing 3D art to life with the help of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), MetaHi enables anyone to own their own piece of virtual reality.

Creators can directly publish and list their 3D collectibles on our marketplace, and collectors can purchase available art or request something to be made just for them! Assets will be stored as NFTs and by partnering up with different metaverses, MetaHi will enable users to import assets into different virtual worlds more easily.



MetaHi intends to connect NFT creators to the emerging digital realm of metaverses by serving as a bridge that provides fairness and flexibility to both parties. MetaHi is a community-driven platform, and we ensure that artists have the necessary tools to bring their work to Web3. We provide a system for onboarding artwork into different metaverses, giving 3D artists a new world in which to enjoy their work. Most importantly, with fair fees and royalties, creators make the most profit on the MetaHi platform.


The vision of MetaHi is to make the metaverse more accessible to everyone.

The world of blockchain, crypto, web3, and NFTs can be overwhelming, but being part of the metaverse doesn’t have to feel that way. Our goal is to connect all people to the metaverse – the journey starts with a 'hi'.


MetaHi is a platform that allows owners of specific 3D assets to quickly transport them to different metaverses. We unify 3D model metadata so that it is readable by different metaverses, and our assets in virtual worlds and games are interoperable. MetaHi also accepts crypto payments, which is currently unavailable on other 3D marketplaces. We enable our creators to freelance on the MetaHi platform by allowing users to request custom 3D assets directly from the artist.

Our Team

With the team we have assembled, don’t bet against us! MetaHi has a team of professionals with different backgrounds who work diligently on a daily basis to accomplish the huge success that MetaHi has planned.

Elvinas Lukasevicius, the founder and CEO of MetaHi has a decade of experience in software development and team leadership. He loves challenges and does everything he can to empower, challenge, and take care of his team members. He has built numerous modern applications that are used by millions of people around the world. He was previously the founder of a software house where he’s been working with developers who eventually joined the MetaHi team as well.

Most of MetaHi’s team has known each other for years and that makes our mutual effort very effective. Members of the team successfully shipped award-winning products and worked with companies such as Google, SiGMA Group, Abbey Road Studios, Honda, and AAA.


Strategic Sorcerer

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Problem Solver of Design

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Chief Everything Officer

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The Oracle

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Mr. Blockchain

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Prototype Shaman

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React Samurai

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Senior Usability Hero

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Community Ninja

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Dice Quality Inspector

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Software Ninjaneer

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Phase 1

  • Upload and view 3D artwork in the marketplace

  • View artist profiles

  • Allow users to list 3D models for sale (fixed price only)

  • Users registration and onboarding

  • Public search for 3D models

  • Develop & design email notifications

Phase 2

  • Develop 3D model detail view (with 3D rendering + AR)

  • Purchase artwork from the marketplace

  • Wallet integration is set up

  • Artwork is enabled as NFTs

  • Extensive filtering for 3D models

Phase 3

    2022Q4 - 2023Q2
  • Owned assets are available on the metaverse

  • Improve public resources and know-how

  • Secondary market sale (in progress)

  • Asset transfers between users

  • Support for Ethereum network

  • Close 3 partnerships (in progress)

  • Exclusive MetaHi 3D collection & free assets to try

  • Notification system

  • Rating system of the creators

Phase 4

    2023Q3 - 2023Q4
  • Product demo video

  • Referral program

  • Ability to sell multiple assets as one

  • 3 new partnerships

  • User awards & Gamification

  • Request bespoke 3D from artists

  • Showcase room for owned 3D models

Phase 5

    2024 - ...
  • Introduce Create-to-Earn model

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Create Your Own 3D models, sell or explore them in the digital universe.

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